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Program Description

Master of Science

Computer Engineering


The department of Computer Engineering (College of Engineering and Petroleum) offers a Master of Science Program in Computer Engineering. Part-time and Full-time students are admitted into this program. Research requirements include either thesis or non-thesis options. The program is designed to strengthen and broaden the scientific and engineering capabilities of participants. It is intended as a means of developing closer affinity to basic research and solving applied problems. The philosophy of the program reflects an interdisciplinary nature and embodies flexibility and choice variation to suit a multitude of needs. Specialization within the Computer Engineering program may be attained by selecting among various elective courses in areas such as networks and security, advanced database systems, computer aided design, and software systems.
According to the University Council decision dated 4/2/2007, Thesis students admitted with effect from September 2007 are exempted from the comprehensive examination.


Program Requirements

The program requirements are as follows (non-thesis option in Parenthesis):

30 (33) Total Course Credit Requirements

33 Project option

21 Thesis option (+9 credits for thesis)


(3) Compulsory

0612-592    Seminar (non-credit)

0612-593    Project (3) (non-thesis option only)


(9) Core Courses (3 credits each)

Students may take more than 9 credit hours of core courses. In this case, the credit hours exceeding 9 count towards discipline (elective) course requirements.

0612-505    Advanced Operating Systems

0600-508    Random Variables and Stochastic Processes

0612-557    Advanced Algorithms

0612-568    Advanced Computer Architecture

0612-569    High-Performance Computer Networks


(12) Elective Courses* 

The student chooses from the following courses with the approval of his/her supervisor.

0600-507    Mathematical Optimization

0612-xxx    Introduction to Digital Forensic

0612-xxx    Security Management, Policies and Risk Analysis

0612-xxx    Secure Software Systems

0612-502    Digital Image Processing

0612-503    Pattern Recognition

0612-508    Advanced Topics in Software Engineering

0612-509    Advanced Computer Graphics

0612-511    Privacy and Data Protection

0612-514    Progress and Impact of Computing

0612-523    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

0612-527    Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence

0612-541    Database Management Systems: Design and Implementation

0612-543    Advanced Topics in Database System Design

0612-545    E-Commerce: Design and Implementation

0612-551    Theory of Computation

0612-553    Distributed Computing

0612-555    Computer Security

0612-561    Parallel Computing

0612-562    Sequential Machine Theory

0612-564    Testing and Reliable Design of Digital Systems

0612-565    High-level Design of Digital Systems

0612-566    Wireless Computing Networks

0612-567    Modeling and Analysis of Communication Networks

0612-570    Physical Design Automation of Digital Systems

0612-571    Fault Tolerant Computing Systems

0612-572    Principles of VLSI Design

0612-573    Wireless Communication Systems

0612-574    Mobile Networking

0612-575    Advanced Topics in Computer Networks

0612-576    Modern Cryptography and Network Security

0612-580    Special Topics in Computer Engineering I

0612-581    Special Topics in Computer Engineering II

* Students may substitute up to 6 credit hours from outside the program (either College of Engineering or College of Science [Applied mathematics or Computer Science department]) with the approval of the program director. The 6 credits can include a maximum of 3 credits from the department (400 level).



Cross-listed courses

 The student is not allowed to register two cross-listed courses in the same semester. In case a student completes two cross-listed courses in different semesters, only the first course will be calculated towards the degree.

Course Title (Computer Engineering)

Course Title (Electrical Engineering)

0612-502 Digital Image Processing

0610-525 Digital Multimedia Compression

0612-572 Principles of VLSI Design

0610-537 Introduction to VLSI Design

0612-573 Wireless Communication Systems

0610-528 Wireless Communication Networks

0612-574 Mobile Networking

0610-526 Mobile Networking

0612-575 Advanced Topics in Computer Networks

0610-524 Advanced Topics in Networking

0612-576 Modern Cryptography and Computer Security

0610-527 Data and Network Security


(9) Compulsory

0612-597 to 599 Thesis (thesis option only)

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