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General Information

This section of the website was made by a group of students who took "Networks Security" with "Dr. Ebrahim Al-Rashed" course with the goal of sharing the knowledge they have with the rest of the world. It’s not a professional web site or a fancy one, however it has some very valuable information. They hope you’ll find it useful

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Here you’ll find information about Viruses, Worms, Trojans and other types of malware. You’ll acquire knowledge about the different kind of malicious software and network attacks. Tips on protecting for different devices and operating systems will be provided in "How to Protect" section.


1- Malicious Software:


  • Self replicating malicious programs.
  • Executes without your permission.
  • Effects ranges from degrading the computer’s performance to damaging the hard disk or erasing it.
  • Requires a host program.
  • Could be masked as a certain program or attached to a program in order to trick you.


  • Another kind of malicious software.
  • Doesn’t require a host program.
  • Relies on an active internet connection to spread and copy itself.
  • Degrades network performance.
  • Could create a backdoor


  • A group of infected computers controlled by a “master.”
  • The “master” can order the infected computers to launch an attack.
  • Could be used to crack passwords, launch Denial of Service attack and many other.
  • The victim with the infected computer isn’t aware that his computer is being controlled.
  • Infection could be spread to other computers in the same network.
Trojan horses:
  • Malicious software disguised as a useful one.
  • The harmful part isn’t apparent, it is hidden.
  • Attacker could use a video file for example, and while the video is playing, damage could be inflicted to the victim’s computer in the background.
  • A naïve attacker would only disguise the file format, executing it will give an error message and inflict damage.
  • Could also lead to opening a backdoor for hackers to gain access.

Counter measures for most of these attacks:

  • ¨ Install an antivirus security solution.
  • ¨ Make sure you’re operating system is updated.
  • ¨ Don’t accept files from strangers.
  • ¨ If the file format doesn’t match with the expected file functionality... beware ! It’s malicious.


2- Attacks on Networks:

Denial of Service (DoS):

  • Flood the server with messages till it’s unable to receive any new ones.
  • Server’s memory gets filled up and can’t reserve a connection for any new computer.
  • Could be done by sending too many messages from a single machine.
  • On a large scale, a Distributed DoS attack is launched using large botnets.

Man in the Middle:

  • It’s an attack where the attacker eavesdrops on a connection between two computers.
  • The attacker can see everything being sent.
  • Can expose passwords and sensitive data, unless they were encrypted.
  • Can expose encryption methods and keys if they’re not exchanged properly and secretly.

Replay Attack:

  • A kind of Man in the Middle attack.
  • After capturing log in information, attacker resends the request that contains them.
  • The attacker is now logged in as an authenticated user.
  • The attacker could simply replay packets as it is, or change it.
  • Can impersonate as the sender for the receiver side and vice versa.

Counter measures:

  • Use nonce, time stamps, challenge-respond authentication and digital signatures.
  • Encrypt the data before sending it.
  • Use VPN for the highest possible security.
  • Strong authentication clearly identifies the sender and prevents attackers from impersonating.
  • Strong encryption makes it hard for the attacker to know what you’re sending.
  • Add nonce and time stamps to the above, make it impossible to replay packets.

CpE department has won several awards

 Our "Undergraduate Computer Engineering Program" is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

 Our CpE website had achieved the 1st place in His Highness Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Informatics Award for the year 2010

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