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 In this section of the website, students will know and read about the details and description of the content of the following list of the CpE graduate courses.

1- CpE-502: Digital Image Processing  

2- CpE-503: Pattern Recognition 

3- CpE-505: Advanced Operating Systems

4- CpE-508: Advanced Topics in Software Engineering

5- CpE-509: Advanced Computer Graphics

6- CpE-511: Privacy and Data Protection

7- CpE-514: Progress and Impact of Computing

8- CpE-523: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

9- CpE-527: Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence

10- CpE-541: Database Management Systems: Design and Implementation

11- CpE-543: Advanced Topics in Database System Design

12- CpE-545: E-Commerce: Design and Implementation

13- CpE-547: Introduction to Digital Forensic

14- CpE-548: Secure Software Systems

15- CpE-549: Security Management, Policies and Risk Analysis

16- CpE-551: Theory of Computation

17- CpE-553: Distributed Computing

18- CpE-555: Cryptography and Network Security

19- CpE-557: Advanced Algorithms

20- CpE-561: Parallel Computing

21- CpE-562: Sequential Machine Theory

22- CpE-564: Testing and Reliable Design Of Digital Systems

23- CpE-565: High-Level Design Of Digital Systems

24- CpE-566: Wireless Computing Networks

25- CpE-567: Modeling and Analysis of Communication Networks

26- CpE-568: Advanced Computer Architecture

27- CpE-569: High-Performance Computer Networks

28- CpE-570: Physical Design Automation of Digital Systems

29- CpE-571: Fault Tolerant Computing Systems

30- CpE-572: Principles of VLSI Design

31- CpE-573: Wireless Communication Systems

32- CpE-574: Mobile Networking

33- CpE-575: Advanced Topics in Computer Networks

34- CpE-576: Modern Cryptography and Network Security

35- CpE-580: Special Topics in Computer Engineering I

36- CpE-581: Special Topics in Computer Engineering II 

37- CpE-592: SEMINAR

38- CpE-593: PROJECT

39- CpE-597 to 599: THESIS




CpE department has won several awards

 Our "Undergraduate Computer Engineering Program" is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

 Our CpE website had achieved the 1st place in His Highness Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Informatics Award for the year 2010

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