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Project Description

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Project Deliverables:


For this project, teams will deliver the artifacts listed in the following tables. The tables also include the delivery date and assigned grade. You may download the detailed project description that contains the plan for executing capstone design projects, at the computer engineering department, as pdf document from here.


Table 1: Project Deliverables (CPE-395)


Delivery Date 1


 Team Formation

Week 3


 Project Idea Week 4 -10 % if not submitted

 Project Abstract Drafts

Week 6

- 8 % if not submitted

 Project Abstract Week 7
8 %
 Domain Analysis Week 8 10 %

 Project Proposal Draft

Week 9

- 10% if not submitted

 Proposal Presentation

Week 10


(Presentation Rubric)

 Project Proposal

Week 11


(Report Grading Rubric)

 Feasibility Prototype Week 12 10 %

 Requirements and HLD Document

Week 14


(Report Grading Rubric)

 Requirements Presentation

Week 15

8 % (Presentation Rubric)

 Teamwork Peer Evaluation Week 15 5 %
 Journal Week 15 5 %



[1] Delivery dates are at the beginning of every week.


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 Our "Undergraduate Computer Engineering Program" is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

 Our CpE website had achieved the 1st place in His Highness Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Informatics Award for the year 2010

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