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Guidelines & Regulations

" CpE-395: CAPSTONE DESIGN PROJECT " Guidelines and Regulations:   (Old Version)


1. Preface

This document describes the project selection guidelines, project rules and regulations for capstone design projects at computer engineering department, Kuwait University.

The guidelines will address the characteristics of an acceptable project. In addition, rules related to process and team dynamics are also described.


2. Projects Selection Guidelines

A project could aim to build a new and innovative product, enhancing existing products or a well-known device. When choosing a project, the following criteria should be considered. 

- Project Nature

- Technical Content

- Project Feasibility

- Project Originality


3. Process Guidelines 

  • The teams should get the approval of the Capstone Design Committee (CDC) on their project proposal. An approval is granted if the project meets the requirements described in the project selection guidelines.
  • A formal public oral presentation is delivered by students, and evaluated by at least two committee members using standard assessment rubrics.


4. Team Dynamics Guidelines 

  • Team size should be 3-5 students.
  • All groups must meet the instructor and/or the TA on regular bases (once a week), either on the prescheduled event or by appointment. Failure to attend the meeting by any member of the group will result in significant point deduction.
  • Students are required to strictly use the provided templates and guidelines.  Any report or deliverable that does not follow the template provided on the course website will not be accepted.
  • Failure to submit documents or perform demos/presentations at the scheduled times will result in significant points deduction.
  • Each team is required to maintain a team journal containing soft (preferably webpage) and hard copies of all the documents including presentations and reports (including progress reports, minutes of meetings, feedback received, etc.). The team journal is brought to each meeting.
  • Each team should establish a team contract at the beginning of the project, and review it at least monthly.
  • Each student is required to participate fully in his or her team project. A student personal effort as a team member will determine his or her grade on the project. Personal effort will be assessed based on student performance on job assignments, peer evaluations, and student participation/contribution in presentations/meeting.




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